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Rudraksha Mala Collection

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Rudraksha jewellery isn’t just about embellishments. Other than the purpose of adornments, there are quite a few things the miraculous accessories are capable of doing.
The followers of Lord Shiva are particularly fond of rudraksha jewellery as it is believed that the seed is originated from the Hindu god’s tears. It is also considered to be the most auspicious ornament in the Hindu tradition.
The beads are obtained from a tree named Elacocarpus ganitrus, commonly known as Rudraksha tree. So, along with other benefits, they are purely organic embellishments with no chemical alterations.
Rudraksha jewellery also has astrological benefits and is recommended by astrologers to nullify the effects of malicious planets. It also promotes peace and harmony within families.
In fact, that’s not all. Rudraksha jewellery also has medical importance. It aids in blood pressure control and stress management. The bio medical significance is often related to bio magnetic properties believed to be present in the seed of Rudraksha which works with the magnetic field produced by men.
Rudraksha jewellery has taken a new shape over the years. It doesn’t need to be a rosary to be with you always. You can choose to keep some rudraksha close with all its properties and getting a style check along with.
Check out the collection of necklaces, rudraksha malas, and bracelets with rudraksha incorporated in the design with gold and silver polished stuff. The variants also include religious symbolism and other figures to enhance the power & build of your jewellery.