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Earrings for Men

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Earrings and studs
Earrings for men were controversial for quite some time. But that’s history now. Earrings are a personal favourite of so many men around. And why not? It does add a zing to men’s fashion statement.
Though earrings for men are barely a good option for being statement jewellery, it does enhance your overall attire if selected carefully and matched with taste. It should be avoided for professional scenarios where it might get unwanted attention and divert the attention from your tuxedo (or shirt and tie).
Talking of earrings for men, studs or small hoops are the best and safest way to go. Big loops can ruin the look unless you are all in for a hippie personality. With studs, you can have a whole range of options.
Men’s studs are small piece of ear accessories which can be worn and put off pretty easily. If you aren’t used to earrings, studs can be the perfect option to start. The designs can be experimented with. You can whether choose single colour plated designs like crosses, plain buttons, geometrical shapes, etc. or go for the studded ones. Other stylish varieties can also be considered.
For loops, you better stick with the ones that touch your ear everywhere from its circumference. The hanging ones don’t go well with everyone. If you think you can carry it cool, it’s all yours!