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Kadas for Men

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Trending Kadas for your loved one
The Men’s Kada or ‘Kara’ is a type of bracelet popular in India. Though the origin goes back to the tradition of Punjab and Sikhism, it is now all the rage among youth from different regions and belonging to different age groups.
It’s a bracelet but more with a robust form like a bangle. Traditionally, men’s kada was moulded mainly out of metal and varied in just thickness or finishing. But now you can find a whole new assortment of it.
Kadas for men form effortless jewellery for fast-moving men. It just slips into the wrist without much exertion and can be pulled out just as easily. It doesn’t scratch or hooks up on clothes, making it a very versatile, easy to wear, everyday piece of jewellery for men.
It can be a very special gift for your loved ones. The classic men’s kadas are now available in a variety of looks. You can even choose one with a love message gifted as a remembrance of your feelings and bond with the person.
If your man, be it father, brother, or lover, is fond of religious relics, you can order the ones with rudraksha or Indian gods’ impressions on it. A combination of both would be incredible too. Made from stainless steel, your loving gift will make it through seasons and years without a bend in it.
The studded bracelets can be a great addition to the collection too. You can gift them for various occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. It looks classy and instantly brings on a smile on the face of the receiver.