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Rudraksha Malas

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Rudraksh Malas for Men
Rudraksha is known for its vedic values since long time in the history of Hinduism. The rudraksha mala and other jewellery are made up of rudraksha seeds sourced from the trees of the same name, scientifically called Elacocarpus ganitrus.
Astrologically, wearing a rudraksha mala can help nullify the effects of destructive planets significantly. As per the Hindu faith, no other ornament is as auspicious or powerful as the rudraksha. The belief goes back to the idea that the seed originated from the tear of the Lord Shiva. It is also known for bringing peace and harmony in families and relationships.
Owing to its powers, rudraksha is also recommended for its biomedical capabilities. It helps in controlling stress, blood pressure, and hypertension. The healing powers are owed to its electro-magnetic properties.
The good thing now is that you don’t have to wear it conventionally just as a rudraksha mala in which the beads are woven into a thread. You can wear it in form of beautified bracelets with other religious symbols added, embedded rudraksha in gold plated men’s chains, rudraksha mala with pendants, mantra bracelets, and more...
A rudraksha mala is easy to wear as it goes well with your traditional as well as casual outfits. You can also opt for one of the longer malas so it hides when you are at your workplace with no-jewellery rules.
It can also form a good gifting option and is available in different designs and prices depending on the quality of the gold plating and other embellishments.